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Short Run Color Printing

Whether it’s one copy or thousands, HP Indigo digital printing is the economical choice. What can the HP Indigo Digital Presses produce? High quality print production is what can be produced. From custom invitations, letterheads, postcards, business cards and small posters to custom labels, tabs, binder covers and spines. Even short-run printed case-bound books can be produced on the HP Indigo press.


Instead of Bluelines, how about a Digital Press Proof? How would you like to see your product before you go to press? HP Indigo allows quick production of one or more press proofs on the specified paper stock, backed up and bound in the same fashion as the final printed product would be. What you see is what you get. Prototyping, comping or preliminary proofing is an affordable option with HP Indigo digital press and it's integrated technology.


Paper plus Plastic Substrates
HP Indigo can handle a wide variety of coated and uncoated papers as well as plastic substrates and label stock. From tex-tured sheets and pastelle to clear mylar and polycarbonate, you get true four-color lithographic quality. Imagine the possibilities.


Variable Data Printing

Get personal with HP Indigo. It can be as simple as name badges or certificates where variable data is printed in-line. It can be as complex as a direct mail campaign that uses personal data to tailor each piece to its recipient. HP Indigo can handle more than variable text, it can vary object data like logos, colors, charts and images.

Variable Content Printing
Since HP Indigo uses no conventional metal plates for printing, instead digitally imposing the image to paper or other substrates, creating multiple versions of a product can be accomplished at a much more cost savings per unit cost. With HP Indigo, we can create varying versions based on gender, name change, custom quote or any content change needed, on the fly. We can change the cover headline or vertical text as needed. We can personalize with color-code or label the product to track response rates. HP Indigo allows you to customize as never before.


On Demand Printing

Companies need to be more nimble than ever in today’s competitive market-place. Products and services change rapidly as the need for last minute updates may have need to be made. Collateral material must keep pace. HP Indigo allows you to economically print what you need, when you need it. No inventory. No waste. No storage. 

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